Top Teacher Requirements

Top Teacher Requirements:

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  • There is no entry fee for Top Teacher.
  • This is a unisex competition.
  • Teachers must be on package A, B, or C and must have a minimum of 50 Pro-Am entries in order to be eligible for top teacher awards.
  • Point accumulation:

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Pro-Am Adult – 1 or 2 Dance Entries 1st Place,8 points 2nd Place,7 points 3rd Place,6 points 4th Place,5 points 5th Place,4 points 6th Place,3 points 7th Place,2 points 8th Place,1 point Recall,4 points Uncontested,4 points Proficiency,1 point
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Pro-Am Adult – 3 4 or 5 Dance Entries 1st Place,20 points 2nd Place,15 points 3rd Place,10 points 4th Place,8 points 5th Place,6 points 6th Place,4 points 7th Place,2 points 8th Place,2 points Recall,5 points Uncontested,10 points

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