A Night to Remember

Picture this… two of the top Latin couples fighting for a world spot in the ever prestigious British Open, Blackpool. Backtrack, two days prior, the event is dubbed “A Night to Remember” and for me it was just that. Slavic and Karina take the floor joined by Michael and Beata. The performance to come was more than memorable for it has been ingrained in my brain since 2003. Instead of this being a duel between rivals, both couples conveyed the beauty and essence of dance through an inspirational merge of powerful yet passionate forces as the audience was graced with this most unique display.

Now here we are circa 2014 and I am planning for my own competition’s “Night to Remember”, a social event hosted to promote a worthy cause, one that was unknown at the time. Images are a flurry and run ramped through my mind, all having one commonality reminiscent of that remarkable performance given so many years ago. Plans come together, but the worthy cause still remains unseen. Fast forward and two weeks ago a long-time friend and well-respected dance professional is diagnosed with late stage cancer. My decision is now clear; the proceeds from this gala must go to help fight for her life. As all things kismet, this long-time friend and dance professional happens to be the very inspiration from Blackpool’s “Night to Remember”. Beata’s performance from 2003 has come full circle as Golden Star will now be hosting a night in honor and support of her.

I am asking for the help of this ever-growing, vast dance community. Please come out to support this very worthy cause. Professional dancers please lend your talent and donate a performance for Beata. If we all ban together we can help her beat this disease one lockstep at a time. We invite you all to join us for a night of dancing, dinner, fundraising, show performances, a dedication to Beata and lots, lots more.

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