Tentative Schedule of Events 2015

Hotel Check-In: 3pm

Early hotel check is subject to availability

Participants and Guests will feel like they are in the heart of the BIG Apple:

Easy access to downtown Manhattan (A three minute ride to be exact), a thrill seeker’s paradise where you can indulge in all of what this intoxicating mecca has to offer.
NYC bus tours to numerous attractions or take a helicopter ride around Manhattan. Enjoy first class shopping, as well as many museums and fine dining.

8pm Broadway Show


  • Pro-Am American Rhythm Newcomer – Gold Star II
    Single & 3-Dance Championships
  • Pro-Am American Rhythm DanceSport Series
  • Pro-Am American Rhythm Open & Closed Scholarships
  • Pro-Am International Ballroom Newcomer – Gold Star II
    Single & 3-Dance Championships
  • Pro-Am International Ballroom DanceSport Series
  • Pro-Am International Ballroom Open & Close Scholarships


  • Under 21 Amateur International Standard
  • Open Amateur International Latin 5 dance (A,B,C)
  • Rising Star Professional American Rhythm
  • Rising Star Professional International Standard
  • Rising Star Professional American Smooth
  • Rising Star Professional International Latin
  • Rising Star GRAND Championship


  • Pro-Am American Smooth Newcomer – Gold Star II
    Single & 3-Dance Championships
  • Pro-Am American Smooth DanceSport Series
  • Pro-Am American Smooth Open & Closed Scholarships
  • Pro-Am International Latin Newcomer – Gold Star II
    Single & 3-Dance Championships
  • Pro-Am International Latin DanceSport Series
  • Pro-Am International Latin Open & Closed Scholarships


  • Under 21 Amateur International Latin
  • Open Amateur International Ballroom 5 dance A,B,C
  • Open Professional Events:
    • Professional American Rhythm
    • Professional International Standard
    • Professional American Smooth
    • Professional International Latin
  • Professional Show Dance
  • Open Professional GRAND Championship


  • Collegiate American Smooth
  • Collegiate American Rhythm
  • Collegiate International Latin
  • Collegiate International Ballroom
  • Junior Team Match
  • Amateur American Rhythm Single Dances
  • Amateur American Rhythm 5 dance (A,B,C)
  • Amateur Novice Ballroom (Syllabus events)
  • Pre-Championship Ballroom
  • Amateur American Smooth Single Dances
  • Amateur American Smooth 4 dance (A,B,C)
  • Amateur Novice Latin (Syllabus events)
  • Pre-Championship Latin
  • Junior & Youth Divisions All Categories International & American Pro-Am & Amateur


7.30pm – 11.30pm

“A Night to Remember”

DINNER DANCE GALA in Hong Kong Style, celebrating the Chinese New Year Festivities will include World-Class Show performances by Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva and 4 hours of Party Dancing.
Proceeds collected will be donated to charitable organizations.

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